On the Road #5 - Anacortes, WA

Moving on to the great state of Washington! I've loved spending time with a lot of old friends this week and I'm thrilled to have one of them playing the sax on this recording. Skip to 0:58 to hear my song, The Finer Things.

On the Road #4 - Portland, OR

One last report from beautiful Portland. It truly is a great city but it's time to head up towards Seattle. In this installment of my travelogue I share thoughts on seeing Anais Mitchell perform at the Doug Fir Music Lounge as well as the solo version of my song, Father. While the entries so far have gotten successively longer, I promise that won't always be the case! Skip to 7:58 for the song.

On the Road #3 - Portland, OR

I'm still exploring beautiful Portland, OR. Check out this new installment of my travelogue to hear my new song, Before, in addition to a super jingle from a friend in NYC and musings on George R.R. Martin and Leo Tolstoy. If you'd prefer just to hear the song, skip to 4:25.

On the Road #2 - Portland, OR

I've made it to one of the primary destinations on my adventure, Portland! I'm excited to explore the music scene and play out as much as I can. Check out this second installment of my travelogue. If you would just like to hear my new song, Everything, skip to 3:25.

On The Road #1 - Belgrade, MT

I'm very excited to launch my website and to begin sharing my music and experiences on the road. I've resisted launching the site as I complete my initial EP, as I intended to launch both the EP and website simultaneously, but then I had this idea to do this podcast/webcast/audio journal sort of thing and I just wanted to get started! I hope you like it. If you like what you hear, please follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter to receive updates. I believe the icons appear somewhere on this page. Without further ado: