House Show FAQ

What is a house show?

A house show is a live concert performed in your living room, your backyard, or an appropriate space of your choosing (local park, community center, shared apartment community space, church, etc.). House shows are all about community, and generally incorporate time for fellowship. Exactly what sort of event you would like to host is up to you, be it an afternoon show with snacks, an evening potluck, or perhaps a full on cookout. All that is required is a little bit of space and folks excited for music. It is supposed to be fun, don't stress about it!

How long is a house show?

The entire event generally lasts at least two hours. Nate will perform for approximately 45 minutes and it is best to plan for at least 30 minutes before and after the performance for guests to visit. Some hosts like to keep it short, some like to make a day of it. All the details can be worked out between you and Nate.

Do you have suggestions for what type of event I might host?

These shows are all about community, and whatever you, the host, are comfortable with. You have the opportunity to host a special gathering for your community, complete with a live performance from Nate Taylor. Make it your own -- it really is up to you! That said some ideas include an evening gathering with wine and cheese, a backyard cookout with a musical twist, an open mic for your friends to share their songs and poetry, followed by a "feature" performance from Nate, or perhaps a neighborhood potluck. The bottom line is community and music, don't stress about the rest. If the ideas listed sound overwhelming, forget those and just have fun with it! Invite your friends and order a pizza. Well, 2 pizzas, Nate has been known to consume entire pizzas.

This is also entirely up to you. House shows are designed to be intimate, and are great for 10, 20 or even 50 people. All that is asked is that you extend invitations to all those that you think would enjoy the community and the music. These shows have proven to be a great opportunity to connect with all those folks you've been hoping to "grab coffee" with.

How many people should come?

What is the fee to host a house show?

In 2019, Nate will not be charging fees for house shows -- what a steal! That said, Nate suggests that hosts take up a free will collection at some point during the event. Travel is costly and so are bills. Folksingers -- they're real people just like us!

This is entirely up to you! For most shows, the city, date, and time are shared on Nate's website. The specific address is then available upon request by email. If you prefer to keep the event private, "Private House Show" will be listed on Nate's website and no details will be given out. If any fans inquire about the private show, they would not be invited without your explicit permission.

Are house shows public?

Just fill out the form below and Nate will be in touch shortly! Nate books house shows nationwide every fall as part of TABA, and throughout the northeast year round. Message not required, but feel free to say hi!

This sounds awesome! When can I host?

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