TABA 2020


It all started in 2015 – Nate drove to Colorado to stand up in his oldest friend's wedding. While in town he played his first ever backyard show. By 2018 the tour had expanded to a 12,000 mile odyssey, affectionately titled "There And Back Again," or TABA 2018.

2019 is a year of rest and creation — and booking! — for what is sure to be the biggest tour yet: TABA 2020.

So you think you might want to get involved?

There are two primary ways to become a part of the ever-expanding TABA family:

1. Attend a show! SIGN-UP for Nate's Newsletter to stay up to date on TABA 2020. Chances are Nate will be "close" to your town in Summer/Fall 2020.

2. HOST a show! This is by far the most FUN way to get involved. You have the opportunity to throw a party that is sure to be the talk of the town, as you and Nate curate a special evening of fellowship, folk, and fun. Not sure if your community is the right fit? Nate's music appeals to fans of all ages – as proven by the following real life testimonials:

"It's like green grass blowing in the wind" – anonymous 5-year-old opines on Nate's music after a TABA show in Denver, CO.

"He really makes that guitar sing!" – anonymous 91-year-old shouts to a friend at a TABA show in Hendersonville, NC.

"It’s like seeing the sunrise for the first time after a five year coma” – Ben Quick, Stand-Up Comic

LISTEN to TABA 2018 LIVE, a collection of live recordings from TABA 2018.

Hosting a show is fun and easy, CLICK HERE for the house show FAQ. Nate books house shows nationwide during the fall each year as part of TABA, and throughout the Northeast year round. Curious to host a show? Submit your email here and Nate will personally be in touch:

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